Multiplayer detailed in Twisted Metal, rewards you for “playing a lot online”

During Sony’s press event this week in California, Twisted Metal producer Zack Wood told attendees that not only would some classic characters return in the series, but that greater detail would be give to their back stories as well.

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Prcko2746d ago

Awesome news,twisted metal gonna be epic for sure!!!

captain-obvious2746d ago

this twisted metal reeeeaaaaallllly feels and looks like a classic

im sooo pumped up for this game

soundslike2746d ago

even Twisted Metal is pumped for Twisted Metal

ComboBreaker2746d ago (Edited 2746d ago )

"You know how awesome it felt the first time you took a sledge hammer to a lump of concrete and bashed it into dust? If you’ve ever played a Twisted Metal game, damn right you do."

"...we’re happy to report that it promises to be every bit as sick, offensive, exaggerated and insane-to-the-max that previous installments have been. After spending 4 hours with it, we are in love."

"...the game is full of wickedness."

"...controls handle beautifully. The configuration is mapped extremely well. [The cars] all handle like a dream."

"I loved being able to mash the X button to slam on the brakes, turn on a dime, spin around and send a missile right into the windshield of the guy that has been tailing me."

"[It] is insane. There's a million things happening at once, a million bullets flying your way, and million ways to die. It's pure chaos, but it works. It works beautifully."

" instant classic..."

"...a game so wild that no existing genre type fits it."

"[It] is so balanced... no vehicle feels gimped. You truly feel like a badass with nearly limitless power in all of them."

"Eat Sleep Play have created a beast unlike anything we've ever seen."

Twisted Metal.

OhMyGandhi2746d ago (Edited 2746d ago )

I love twisted metal and all, but *hopefully* your rewarded by playing online.

imagine a game that offers online play but without any sense of difference of experience gained. Like no stats, or ranks, nothing to build on or a level to reach.

I am excited for this nonetheless.

OllieBoy2746d ago

Getting really hyped for this.

Relientk772746d ago

I don't like online trophies theyre such a hassle I hope it doesnt have any


christheredhead2746d ago

if its to much hassle then just play for fun. dont worry about the trophies. the online will most likely be a blast regardless.

Brewski0072746d ago

I dont really play for trophies, infact I never even bother reading how to get them. If I get one, well enough, but it aint gonna make much a difference to me.

Loving what they're saying about the multi-player, Im hoping it brings a lot of players online and keeps the game interesting since it seems like they're putting the majority of their focus online.

Highlife2746d ago

I just don't get trophies and achivements. Play for the fun of the game. Why make a game a chore.

trainsinrdr2746d ago

i really wish i was like you but i unfortunately got addicted when i got my first plat in fallout 3, now i have 22 plats im so ashamed lol

Highlife2746d ago

That is some serious gaming. I just don't have the time to do that.

2746d ago
Inzo2746d ago

I have this feeling that TM is going to go the play, create, share. rout the potential is there, watch for this to be announced at E3.

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