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Micster from StickTwidders writes: "When Duke Nukem Forever started development in April 1997, I was 6 but yesterday, as a 20 year old adult, I played the finished product on a console that was the upgrade to a console that hadn’t been developed when the game went into production. In other words: This game has been circling the airport for a ridiculously long time."

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SuperSaiyan42746d ago (Edited 2746d ago )

Ive tried clicking it several times and even going directly to the site itself the pages just will not load, anyone else getting these issues?

Now its working.

SuperSaiyan42746d ago

The guy says in the above: I played the finished product on a console...

The rest makes sense basically saying it was coming to xbox but now played in on the 360.

But upon reading the article the person states having played the demo, then states was playing the beta hence the long loading times.

Now reading that clearly means the person could not have possibly have played the 'final' product. All a bit confusing.

StickTwiddlers2746d ago

No no. I was making a reference to how long it had been in development. The first Xbox was planned in 1999 so it was a reference to how I was playing it on a sequel to a console that hadnt even been invented by the time the game went into development: Twas a throwaway line.

Also I have no idea if it was a beta or not. Obviously it was in a demo mode because of the nature of the event, but I dont know if it was based on beta code. I said hopefully it was based on beta code because the load times were unacceptable. By finished product I mean the end of the development - The finished piece - Not a beta from years ago, but the whole thing packaged and ready to be played.

2746d ago