Top 5 Sandbox Titles of All Time

GPT: "Open world games are some of the most relaxing titles in gaming because they don't require you to walk the set path in front of you. Yes you may have to do specific objectives to continue but in actuality one could play The Incredible Hulk and just smash buildings never starting a mission. It's that freedom that sets these titles apart from the norm."

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vgchica2837d ago

Crackdown, but not GTA IV? uhm, okay. wrong

GunShotEddy2837d ago

Crackdown was actually very good. The sequel completely blew, but the original was pretty deep and fun. Bouncing from roof to roof collecting orbs was awesome.

xstation792837d ago

How can you like the first crackdown but not the second one? They were very similar to each other.

Active Reload2837d ago

xstation, I often wonder that myself when I hear people say that. It offered online multiplayer, while nowhere near the best, it was still fun.

jonlynch2837d ago

Crackdown was very underrated.

Active Reload2837d ago

I enjoyed both Crackdown games immensly.

zootang2837d ago (Edited 2837d ago )

I wouldn't say it was better than inFamous or GTA 4

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kesvalk2837d ago

no morrowind, no minecraft...

this list is very bad...

jonlynch2837d ago

I thought that was in their honorable mentions.

kesvalk2837d ago

they should not be on the honorable mentions, they are way more awesome than the games on the list...

Simco8762837d ago

San Andreas was the best GTA of all time. I totally agree with this.

I don't know how many hours I put into that game, but GTA IV was a joke compared to SA. I hope they recreate that experience in the next GTA

ainsz2837d ago

GTA III is still my all time favourite game, the amazing atmosphere, gameplay and story were just amazing. But also because I was a kid when I first played it, It gave such a sense of imagination and exploration. All the things I thought up by myself when playing it made for a literally never ending game that i made my own. Especially because we didn't have the Internet at the Time, there were no walkthroughs or guides, it was just me and my cheat book! Gaming just isn't the same anymore...

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The story is too old to be commented.