What Happens After You Beat Mass Effect 3?

Game Rant writes, "Mass Effect 3 is the end of Commander Shepard’s story. Whether he lives through the Reaper invasion or not, BioWare will continue the Mass Effect franchise with other games, exploring different stories and events.

From a gameplay perspective however, what actually happens when you complete Mass Effect 3′s main quest/story? Mass Effect 1 allowed players to replay the game with their more powerful and experienced character with New Game+ mode, but in Mass Effect 2, you could also simply continue travelling the universe to complete side-quests and such. What happens when you beat Mass Effect 3?"

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Kran2748d ago

Ummm New Game+ mode was also present in Mass Effect 2 by the way...

Christopher2748d ago

Only for levels/skills, and that was easy enough to cap out on the first time through.

NG+ needs to do a lot more, IMHO.

DrFUD2748d ago

What Happens After You Beat Mass Effect 3?


WhiteNoise2748d ago

Nah bro. Only cookie cutter generic games with a 4hr campaign go in the bargain bin after the first run through.

Games like KZ3 and GoW3.

AngelicIceDiamond2748d ago

Wonder around aimlessly hoping to find something to do. Until new DLC comes out. Just to come across its overpriced<<<<< (Surprise right) then you throw it at the bottom of your pile of games. then thats that! Or trade it in.

DeeZee2748d ago

You get a real ending and not a cliffhanger.

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The story is too old to be commented.