Resident Evil Portable: Is This the Capcom Nuclear Bomb??

In the latest PSMania 3.0 Issue, an Italian PS3 MAG, there's a Rumor about a Resident Evil Title on the Sony PSP Console:

Here's a Translation(from Google)
Is there anybody listening? ?

Not too long ago, the Internet was a real popular petition that fans of Resident Evil have signed and signed to Capcom to know that Sony's users desperately need a Resident Evil for PSP, whatever it is !
The request is not done in a vacuum, in fact a member of the house of Osaka has specifically requested that the signatures are at least 10,000 fans if we really want to attract the attention of developers!
One suggestion that did best hope for many other fans Residen Evil, which have come immediately on the website of the petition bringing even more signatures."

Will This be the "Nuclear Bomb" from Capcom coming in a few days???

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Genki4117d ago

just to prove a point. Capcom, as much as I love an innumerable amount of their franchises, has nothing that could be considered earth-shattering..nothing. The only thing that would come close is them starting a new console, and all signs point to no on that one.

achira4117d ago

earthshattering would be resi exclusive on ps3.

Genki4117d ago

I wouldn't even go so far as to say that. The people it would matter the most to are the fanboys, as that would just result in yet another tumultuous session of mudslinging, complete with 1200 degrees and over 300 comments.

IMO, to be earth-shattering it would have to do just that, shake up the ENTIRE gaming community, not just the ones in a bitter pissing contest with one another.

Maldread4117d ago (Edited 4117d ago )

Yeah me too, even though that could be said for many game companies that hype up announcements before they`re made.

Not smart if you ask me, since most will end up disappointed by them. But it`s an okey way to build up hope for the company, before it`s crushed. I mean, when was the last time such a announcement lived up to the initial promise ?

People should know by now not to take this kind of statements as confirmation of their fanboy dreams, and start applying some logic.

A RE-PSP game would probably be cool, but i think most would want a PS3 game instead. It will be fun to see what come out of it though.

xhi44117d ago

This is not the earth shattering news. Why you may ask? (and why the cliche rhetorical question?) Because, the interviewer said you have lost a lot of fans from the PS3 community over blah blah......, but he says PS3, then he answers saying something like, lets see what they think next week. But the keyword here is PS3. I don't know, maybe he just ignored or forgot or the PS3 word was dropped loosely, but I have a gut feeling this isn't it.

TheHater4117d ago

I don't see this having anything to do with the ps3. and to consider a psp game "Earth Shattering" is total bull crap

felman874116d ago

Capcom's big announcement for TGS was a few PS2 games. And who said that the big news would be for the PS3? If there's going to be an exclusive for a sony system, it would be for the PSP. How about RE1, 2 and 3 remake using the over-the-shoulder view?

sandip7874117d ago

capcom were talking about ps3 fans.
this is for psp
so we're still waiting for this announcement

PANDADjCK4117d ago

A earth shattering announcement would have to be Resident Evil 5 exclusive to the PS3 or atleast Devil May Cry 4.

Bnet3434116d ago

they will never abandon 360 fanbase, it's too important to them since it has games like Lost Planet and Dead Rising.

Darkiewonder4117d ago (Edited 4117d ago )

The fact there are RE Going to mobile. having this as a "Bomb" announcement isn't plausible. Still have a few more days until the "BIG" announcement.

EDIT: I got it. Okami for the ps3 lawlz.

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The story is too old to be commented.