Twisted Metal Extended Trailer Reveal, Pre-order for Axel

Chad Cox // Producer, Twisted Metal: Last week David Jaffe broke the news that Twisted Metal will be hitting stores on October 4th of this year. We also debuted a peek at the game’s awesome cast with the new trailer, Broken, through GTTV. Today we’re back with an EXTENDED cut that delivers an even deeper look at the new Twisted universe!

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ISKREEM2838d ago

I guess this will be the first game i've ever actually pre-ordered.

dragonyght2838d ago

lol i love how they censored out the alleged rape scene (1:05)i guess that should shut-up some peeps

banjadude2838d ago

Awwww YEAH! Loving the classic clown laughter.

I hope outlaw is in this game. My personal favourite.

Tarmgar2838d ago

Club kid was my favorite lol. Getting everyone caught in that whirlpool.

Tarmgar2838d ago

You have to pre-order for a character that's been in the franchise forever?! Sad day :(.

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The story is too old to be commented.