Nintendo 3DS Homebrew Hacked - first image emerges

Nintendo has promised that the security of the Nintendo 3DS is much tighter than its predecessor, and that it is working hard to stamp out the hacking and piracy that plagued the original DS. However, today the first image of a hacked Nintendo 3DS operating system has emerged - the upper screen simply reading 'Hello world!'

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Neko_Mega2932d ago

Black top screen and something about a events.... I'm guessing the "????????" means it is hacked?

If that is it, then what a waste of time and a topic.

coryok2932d ago

the top screen has homebrew on it, a program that prints the text hello world, its a pretty standard first program for everything and is there to show that homebrew is possible, which pretty much means that the system is open for coding now

if its true then the systems security didnt hold up and its good to go for people to do what they want with

kesvalk2932d ago

and thus, the firmware vs homebrew war starts on a new console...

nikola9872931d ago

And somehow not even ONE nintendo homebrew site didn't announced this news.. it is clearly a fake >:(