One Semester Down: Kinect's 6 Month Report Card

A six-month evaluation of Kinect across several categories, and a preview of what's to come.

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Chaostar2841d ago

I still have the £130 stashed away in case I decided to buy Kinect. Can anyone give me an honest gamers opinion, is it worth buying yet?

Wikkid6662841d ago

If you are looking for Core games... definitely stay away from it.

If you are looking to put the controller down and play some games that are totally different... then go for it.

BK-2012841d ago

How are dance and party games totally different.

Wikkid6662841d ago

They are very different from most, if not all core games.

Chaostar2840d ago

I'm not really interested in party or dance games and I have no kids. What I really wanted to know is that if any 'core' gamers have had decent use of it. Whether it's just for navigating menus or interesting PC hacks can they honestly say it makes the **£80** worth it.

Wikkid6662840d ago

I don't have kids and I don't like dance or party games either... but I enjoy Kinect. Do you play it every day? Nope. I love Kinect Sports. Kinect is about stepping away from the norm and doing something different for me. Breaks up the monotony of core games.

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Donski2841d ago

I've seen people completely divided on this. See if you can demo it first at a friend's or some sort of event. You'll feel really dumb if it doesn't appeal to you at all and just sits there never being used.

Redgehammer2841d ago

All of my friends that own a Kinect love it. The greatest divide I have seen is on gaming sites, with one faction boasting or another criticizing, people presuming it will suck, others afraid to look like they are having fun, and still others stating that Kinect has no games. It's one of the most devisive pieces of hardware ever created. And I love mine.

Redgehammer2841d ago (Edited 2841d ago )

I am a father of 4 sons, and Kinect, thus far, has been worth every penny. If you have the space needed to enjoy it, and you have family and friends that you want to play games with, in a social environment, then I say purchase it. I am in a wheel chair and after 2 Kinect ID settings, I am able to Bowl(244) with my children and having fun that seems physical has been a blessing for me. Sure I can't participate in all the events, but hey there is more in the "real world" that I can't do.

guigsy2841d ago

It's £80 at Game now.

mac_sparrow2840d ago (Edited 2840d ago )

Personally I'm not a fan of Kinect, but as you seem interested I feel I should mention the deal GAME are doing.

£80 with Adventures

Possibly time to try it at that price?

Edit: Post appeared further down and I saw Guigsy's post, ah well.

Chaostar2840d ago

Thank you (and guigsy) for pointing that out but it was never a matter of price for me. Man that made me sound like a right moneybags, i'm really not. What I want is a reason to buy it, so far, since i'm *measures teeth* ...ahem twenty something with no kids, I haven't seen one.

mac_sparrow2840d ago

I understand completely, same here The only thing that might make me bite right now is if my girlfriend wants it for Dance Central/Zumba.

From a gamers point of view I see very little on it.

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baodeus2840d ago (Edited 2840d ago )

Currently, it is a good device for like party or social events. When you have people over to play games together, it is a blast, most fun i had in a while. If you aren't interested in dancing games, but like sport, kinect sport is actually pretty great game and really fun. U can also play online against other too if you don't have friend over. And if you like to attract some female friends, dance central might not be too bad if you think about it.

It actually works a lot better than i though it would (based on the constant bashing on n4g).

There aren't much games out for it right now that would be consider "core", im not even sure how u define core game, but there are some potential ones that are comming soon. Maybe you could wait until then to make a better judgement.