E3 2011: Sony, Nintendo, or Microsoft, Who Has The Most To Prove?

Geek Revolt writes "E3 2011 is around the corner—for gamers this is the best time of the year, and for the big three console manufactures, it’s a time to win the hearts of gamers and leave the competition in the dust. Every year there’s one company that has that extra drive, they feel like they have something to prove..."

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ZeroX98762927d ago

Sony = NGP
Nintendo = 3DS games (original and not remakes), wii games or new console.
Micosoft = kinect game for a more mature and hardcore audience, more exclusive.

ballsofsteel2927d ago

ding ding ding we have a winner!!!!
to elaborate i think sony really has to impressive with the NGP in terms of features. the whole motto is "games for the older crowd" but at the time we don't know if there is a market for that. a lot of people very content with their smartphone games and don't won't much else. the think the major thing they have to sell is playstation suite the NGP will live or die by that

ksense2927d ago (Edited 2927d ago )

Microsoft will show alan wake 2, kingdoms, halo remake, modern warfare 3 with mention of timed exclusive dlc, forza 4 and gears 3 for hardcore and the rest will be kinect.

My guess is that splinter cell will most probably be multiplatform with ubisoft announcing the hd trilogy and the next splinter cell at the sony press conference.
sony will probably show new stuff for uncharted, resistance and then twisted metal and then show off a couple of new exclusives and leave some more reveals for gamescom. there will be stuff shown for ngp and price details. a couple of move titles. they may need to have a longer press conference lol.

I can almost guarantee that Sony will not price the ngp less than or equal to the 3ds lol.It may help them get more sales early but they like to play it safe and it is definitely more costly to make than 3ds anyways. My guess would be 299.99 for the non-3g version and 349.99 or 399.99 for the 3g version.

Nintendo will show off more 3ds titles and with a price drop rumor for wii floating around they definitely have something along the lines of wii 2.

ChozenWoan2927d ago (Edited 2927d ago )

Sony has the most to prove...

Simply because everyone expects so much from them that it's often unreasonable.

And on N4G, MS will win just from showing anything no matter what it is.

cliffbo2927d ago

"Micosoft = kinect game for a more mature and hardcore audience, more exclusive."

you have to be kidding noway is kinect for hardcore.

now back on subject imo it is MS who have something to prove and Nintendo may need to refresh there hardware (full console)

ps if MS bring out a new console i will be surprised if they keep supporting the current console which imo is very poor for a company to do they should keep supporting the current console for atleast 4 years after the release of any new console.

taylork372927d ago (Edited 2927d ago )

"you have to be kidding noway is kinect for hardcore."

Hence the reason they have to prove it.

"ps if MS bring out a new console i will be surprised if they keep supporting the current console which imo is very poor for a company to do they should keep supporting the current console for atleast 4 years after the release of any new console."

Awesome opinion based on a hypothetical situation. laugh

playaplayer2927d ago

What do people mean when they say keep supporting the console when a new one releases? Are they saying keep making exclusive games for it? Or are they saying they should keep manufacturing the console? I personally rather console manufactures when they release new console to dedicate there limited resources to the new consoles. Example if MS releases the xbox 720 in 2012 then they should make the next halo for the new console instead of the 360 so it wouldn't be limited by the 360 hardware.

taylork372927d ago

I think he is trying to compare the continued success of the PS2 after the PS3 was released to a hypothetical situation based on his obvious bias against MS.

At least that's what I got from that statement.

Reibooi2927d ago (Edited 2927d ago )

They all have something to prove but I think it would be a toss up between MS and Nintendo(despite them not really competing with each other) Reason being is the 3DS is out now but it's been meet with a lukewarm reception so it's up to Nintendo to show the 3DS is worth owning and that there are games coming that will stand on their own(I know we got Zelda and such coming but I'm talking original games that are not remakes of N64 games with 3D) The 3DS had a terrible launch line up(worse then the PS3 if you ask me)

On the other hand MS is starting to go all casual and they have almost no real exclusives. They have Gears 3 and that's about it and even if the rumored Halo remake is real and there is another Fable coming it still pales in comparison to the sheer amount of exclusives the PS3 is pushing every year.

On top of that MS said countless times that Kinect would not just be for casual gamers but that's exactly what's happening with it. They need to really start proving it's worth peoples time and have some games that will interest the Hardcore.

zeal0us2927d ago

even though I'm a 360 owner I would have say Sony. Man look at there line up for this year, most of their shooters/fps/and IP is taking advantage of the ps move. Then theres the ngp, hopefully learned from nintendo mistake, have a better launch line-up.

Nintendo will either talk about their next gen console or show new games for 3ds that probably should be out during the launch.

M$ will show gears,next halo project, new Ips/games. Oh yea more kinect games hopefully some that will target mature/hardcore gamers, getting a little tire of these family games. Not to mention the kinect sdk support.

Flashwave_UK2927d ago

LOOK i WANT MGS 5 NOW I WANT co op with otacon meryl jhonny and raiden to uncover snakes past (LOL wut?) i dont care i just want mgs5

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Convas2927d ago

I'd say MS. They NEED to redeem themselves to us Xboxers by showing they care enough to bring us Core Games.

I get it, Kinect is here to stay. Bring games for it if you must, but We want Core CONTROLLER based games, and preferably not just all shooters.

DeeZee2927d ago

I agree somewhat, I want some cool exclusives for my 360 that don't involve guns. Like looking at you avatar, Littlebigplanet is one of my favorite PS3 games. I guess I want titles like that from Microsoft. Hopefully Rare is making a new Banjoe-Koozie that isn't vehicle based.

I'm not completely writing Kinect off though, I loved Dance Central, but like you said, controller based games.

AngelicIceDiamond2927d ago

You're preachin to the choir brotha.

AngelicIceDiamond2927d ago

My bad I mean't you were preachin to the choir brotha lol.

NYC_Gamer2927d ago

MS,because the lack of core exclusives.

plb2927d ago

Well there is that Kingdoms game but who knows when that will come out.

Tripl3seis2927d ago

imo MS they need more games meaning more exclusives we all noe kinect is here to stay but u guys need more exclusives as of sony and nintendo they good.

Trroy2927d ago (Edited 2927d ago )

MS has the most to prove. They need to SHOW us some reassurance that Kinect is the shiznit they are touting it to be, and prove that they are continuing to support their more hardcore audience as well.

Nintendo just needs to bust out some sweet 3DS titles and they're good, although a Wii 2 announcement would be big (although not really earthshaking, if its not more powerful than the PS3). A Wii 2 that is still sub-360, in terms of power, will just be "meh".

Sony just needs to show us more NGP really. Any more is just gravy.

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