SOCOM 4: 8 Minutes of Pure Singleplayer Footage (720p)

Watch eight minutes of pure singleplayer footage of Socom 4. Be sure to click on HD:

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chidori6662742d ago

Years ago people would compare socom to halo. socom(the king of shooters for playstation) and halo(the king of shooters for xbox.) What happened?

there is no socom anymore. =/

badz1492742d ago

can't we just appreciate a good game? the reviews are averaging from 7-8 which is GOOD! I personally can't wait for it!

Ninjamonkey822742d ago

looked great just pity i cant understand german :/

RBdrift2742d ago

looks ok but i would still prefer a Socom 2 HD Remake.

GothicFighter2742d ago

Thank god it's not dirty footage...