CAG awards Amazon and Kmart as best places to shop for games, GameStop the worst

XMNR: Gaming can be an expensive hobby so being able to find the best deals to get the most out your gaming dollar is just as much a part of gaming as actually playing the game. It helps that there are sites like Cheap Ass Gamer (CAG) where gamers share deals with each other. Now the CAG community has selected the best (and worst) places to shop for games in the 8th Annual Cheapy Awards.

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LoneWanderer092745d ago

This cant be in General, because my Local Gamestop that i been going for the past 9 years is always nice to me and they know me every time i go in the store and they give me the Posters that they take down from advertisement. So am very happy with my Local Gamestop and i would not traded for any other store no matter how good the deals are