Interview with Black Pants Game Studio

indiePub has published an interview with indie game developers Johannes Spohr and Sebastian Stamm from Black Pants Game Studio.

Their game, titled Tiny & Big in: Grandpa's Leftovers, won the Unity Development Award in the 2011 Independent Propeller Awards.

From the interview article:

"Tiny & Big features a completely destructible environment where you control laser-toting Tiny who slices objects and, using a grappling hook and rockets, moves objects into place to solve puzzles or even launch them like projectiles...

'What we wanted to do was have some silly stuff going as a contrast to the enormous things which come down and create a lot of noise and a lot of dust and particles. It's very spectacular," Spohr said. "But, on the other side, there's this tiny guy and he's like a nerd or a guy who is really not some kind of hero, just a regular guy with some stupid glasses. When he gets hit in the head with a stone it looks really funny..."

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