New Mass Effect 3 details covers enemy tactics, combat and more

XMNR: More and more details for Mass Effect 3 continue to come out through the upcoming GameInformer piece and BioWare. The latest details some of the enemy tactics that we'll be seen in the game as well as new addition to combat and some of what will carry over from Mass Effect 2. We've also got a pretty awesome looking image showing the Reaper invasion of London

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Christopher2743d ago

***Players will also be able to pick up some enemy weapons. There will be specific weapons like the Shock Stick that Cerberus Assault Troopers use that cannot be picked up because they are visual elements according to Brennon Holmes.***

Seems like a weird limitation, but glad to see more combat flexibility/options.

zeal0us2743d ago

I would have to say the husk got way lot stronger in ME2, in me1 the thorian creepers was even stronger than them lol.

I always wanted to pick up my enemy weapon,kinda but not really, why does it seem like the series is trying to transit to fps and away from rpg.

MasterD9192743d ago

Fighting Cerberus....Hopefully not Miranda.