Digital Spy: Michael Jackson: The Experience Xbox 360 review

Digital Spy writes: "Michael Jackson: The Experience offers an enjoyable insight into the moves and performances of a remarkable man, but is let down by a few accuracy issues and some strange design choices. The presentation is excellent and fitting of the man himself, while the song selection features a nice mixture of classics and forgotten gems. The ability to sing and dance gives the game an additional edge over its Wii counterpart, while the dance school is a great learning tool. The co-operative multiplayer is extremely fun, especially as nobody knows what to expect next, but the competitive element is let down by the strange choice to make players take turns playing the same song. Unfortunately - whether a technology issue or simply a development problem - the in-game recognition is a little inconsistent and not always accurate, leaving players scratching their heads regarding their score. Michael Jackson: The Experience is not a 'Bad' game by any means, but isn't quite the 'Thriller' we were hoping for."

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anh_duong2744d ago

wonder what the collectors edition comes with..