6.0 Lego Star Wars III: The Clone Wars Review

From "As the name implies and I have already made mention, Lego Star Wars III: The Clone Wars is the Lego adaptation of the Clone Wars animated series on Cartoon Network. With two full seasons of episodes to choose from and a slew of characters at their disposal, Telltale Games had plenty of stories at their disposal to create new, fun adventures for kids of all ages (read: 30 year old kids like me) to experience in goofy Lego fashion. George Lucas has always stated that Star Wars is for the kids, so blending it with the world of Lego makes a lot of sense, and I have quite enjoyed the franchise so far, as I mentioned, having played quite a bit of the Complete Saga and even Lego Batman. I understand what the franchise is all about, and since it is geared towards kids, I try to judge it as such. Unfortunately, that creates quite the mixed bag of results with this game."

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