40° Presents: Top 5 MMOs that tried to be WoW and failed


And so we come to the end of today's little rant: RIFT. You've probably heard of it; it's new, fresh, funky. It even has a cool little catch-phrase: 'We're not in Azeroth anymore." Really? Are you sure? Are you SURE? Get me drunk enough and I doubt I'd be able to tell it apart from WoW. Get this: when you die, you become a ghost, and must find your body to return to life.

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kesvalk2744d ago

i remember the time when mmos were very diferent, we had wow, ragnarok and lineage 2...

now everything is a copy of wow, poorly made copies at that...

Saryk2744d ago

I disagree with the author on some of his points.

First off Rift is not a WoW clone. Just because you go ghost form when you die, don’t make it a WoW clone. If that is the case then WoW is an EQ clone.

WoW is a very good game, I enjoy it. But I also enjoy a lot of other games……

mortalrage2743d ago

I agree I like WOW, but Rift is no WOW. Rift is a fresh of breath air, that I needed years ago... Meanwhile I will switch between the two when I get bored with one or the other, right now I'm having fun with Rift. Why? I'm burned out on WOW

MMOGames2741d ago

A fresh of breath air. Credible opinions here, people.