Sony considers two-week shutdown due to power shortages

Sony Corporation is considering shutting down some of its company premises in Japan because of the continuing power shortages and the governments new energy saving targets for manufacturers.

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MagicGamer2928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

They have manufacturers in China as well as America don't they? I wonder how much this will impact overall PS3 production for the demand.

Cardenjs2928d ago

PS3 survived a 1 shipping ban in Europe, and Japan has enough to do without the ps3, so this wont affect too many people negativity.

theonlylolking2927d ago

Peoples jobs, fanboys, etc... will be affected.

Cardenjs2927d ago

so roughly 4000 jobs put on hold for 2 weeks if this is just a local thing.

It shouldn't matter too much, Sony is just using its resources to help Japan, a whole company is taken off the grid to ease the load and the workers may get partial compensation if they help the relief effort.

MikamiFanForLife2925d ago

And will this effect PSP 2 development?

DeeZee2928d ago

It sucks that a bunch of bad stuff keeps happening over there, I'd totally understand if they had to do this.

Godmars2902928d ago Show
Trevonn2928d ago

OH I THOUGHT IT WAS PSN phew nearly had a heart attack

MagicGamer2928d ago

Lmao heres a Bubble for this guy! the Heart attack thing was funny.

OtherWhiteMeat2928d ago

The earthquake and tsunami in Japan are also effecting jobs in the U.S.. http://www.businessinsider.... The Japanese economy is taking a major hit.

MagicGamer2928d ago

There is a few more huge manufacturers that are getting it too. With the PS3 now being the console under the heaviest demand Sony will probably have to change business plans for future production, if nothing changes.

jjank112927d ago

Yea, thats true, but I believe the workers are still going to get paid, at least that is what I last heard, like a week or two ago, that might have changed. So it honestly doesn't affect it as much. There is a huge surplus of vehicles in the U.S anyhow.
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