White Knight Chronicles 2 & Origins - European Release Date spotted

According to Amazon Germany, White Knight Chronicles II and White Knight Chronicles Origins for PSP will be released on May 27 in Europe.

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shadowknight2032796d ago

I wish would update it as well. I want to just get the preorder over with as there is no way in hell I'm waiting until the summer for it to release here in the states xD

MechaGear2795d ago (Edited 2795d ago )

So do I.
Amazon is so much cheaper in the UK than it is here in Germany.
Shipping inclusive.

RAmar1012795d ago

Hurry up amazonUK, wkc was ace traded it as soon as I heard wkc2 includes updated wkc. Top top game I love it

InfiniteJustice2795d ago

Wow, if it is May then bring it on. I was thinking it would be a autumn or winter release. The sooner the better!

ranma68992795d ago

ebgames in america or gamestop has white knights chronicles 2 coming out in aug 24 2011 ,makes you wonder why scea abannoned it to d3

fatalis952795d ago

need 2 go GR grind i'm only GR9 WKC2 needs more quest choice

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