Costly Black Ops map packs offer 'a lot of value' - Treyarch

Treyarch has claimed that CoD fans have relaxed over its 1200MSP price for Black Ops Map Packs - as they offer "a lot of value".

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Oldman1002743d ago

LOL a lot of value my ass. If you want value take that 15 bucks and go buy whole new game like Ratchet and clank quest for booty, Dead nation, Trine, BF 1943....the list goes on and on. I can't believe people support this overpriced horse shit.

Dart892743d ago

I agree man i could take those $15 and buy 2 JRPG games from the PSN store not to mention have a little left over for a mini now that's value right there.3 games for the price of just getting this crappy map that you will eventually get bored of lol.

itani2743d ago

Well if people are still purchasing it for that price, why in the blue hell would they even think about lowering its price? Might even increase it in the future and people will still purchase it.

Ducky2743d ago

I bought Borderlands GOTY and MagickaComplete for $15 combined... that's value for me.

To others, 5 maps for a game they love is value as well... and considering it's around 3$ per map, most other map-packs for other games cost about the same.

Checkmate2743d ago

This franchise is starting to lose a lot of steam.

ddurand12743d ago (Edited 2743d ago )

is that a joke?

Black ops is the best selling game ever as of right now. how is that losing steam?

- on topic. there are plenty of people that play COD year round and love the game. For those people, these map packs are worth it becasue it doenst cut into the other games they buy and it just makes the game more fresh for them.

Simco8762743d ago

Looks like another CoD fanboy speaks out. The franchise is losing alot of steam dude. Maybe not in your circle, but in the gaming world it is. Battlefield 3 is going to wipe the floor with CoD, here is the difference.

Battlefield 3 = 5 years in development
CoD rehashes = 2-3 years.

ddurand12743d ago (Edited 2743d ago )

I dont own black ops anymore because it got boring after a few months, it was a nice try though. Its not just "my circle" its the 15-20 million copies of the game that speak for itself.

the same ideology applies towards sports games. I know friends that ONLY play sports games year round.

I am really looking forward to BF3. Since you seem to know so much about it, when is the multiplayer reveal coming?

MRMagoo1232742d ago

And how many of those copies where traded in after ppl got home and where disappointed with it, there are hundreds of second hand copies of blackops but hardly any of MW2, ppl bought it thinking it was going to be good but it wasnt so they traded it in im not sure how many times ppl can be dumb enough to buy the games and be let down i know myself will buy the next one and if its not a vast improvement on the last i will be not buying anymore and i feel i cant be the only one to think that way.

xstation792743d ago

Call of duty is getting stronger with every release.

OtherWhiteMeat2743d ago (Edited 2743d ago )

Wish Treyarch would just make a bundle of zombie maps.

DanSolo2743d ago

You'd think that they would just make a Zombie game based on the COD engine.... like working your way through a single player game and at points having to board yourself up in buildings and fight off the horde.... then escape and head on elsewhere!

tmoss7262743d ago

No no no, then that would make CoD decent. Activision doesn't sell decent games.

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