F.E.A.R. 3 began before F.E.A.R. 2 finished, "great fit" with Day 1

Day 1 Studios was already deep in F.E.A.R. before the second game from original developer Monolith Studios had finished. They needed "that additional time".

In Strategy Informer's interview Ernest Zamora Jr of Day 1 reveals it was "a great fit" given their history with Monolith, Warner Bros and F.E.A.R.'s "key tenants" of gameplay.

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NewZealander2930d ago

i bought fear 2 cheap and just finished it tonight, i really don't understand the hype behind these games, the graphics were pretty bad and the ending...i don't think ill get the third.

dontbhatin2930d ago

yeah cause graphics are EVERYTHING. lol you graphic whores are funny man.

i remember when fear 1 was the benchmark game for the pc, barely anybody could max that game out. that was around when the 8800 gt was the most loved gpu at the time.

NewZealander2930d ago

lol im not a graphics whore, but going from crysis 2 to fear 2 its really clear that fear 2 hasn't aged well, especially considering it came out around the same time as killzone 2.

STK0262930d ago

To me, it's all about the multiplayer, as I think it's a lot of fun. The graphics were pretty good on PC, don't know about consoles though.

fossilfern2930d ago

FEAR1 on the PC when it came out was an outstanding game and was used as a benchmark for new cards at the time. I remember playing it when it came out when my friend got his new PC and was blown away by the graphics, sound, atmosphere/horror, action and even the MP was really good. Though I have to agree that FEAR 2 was a disappointment and I felt it was watered down just to suit the consoles

dontbhatin2930d ago

"FEAR 2 was a disappointment and I felt it was watered down just to suit the consoles"

100% agree on that!

they could have done so much more with it even though it was watered down for consoles. but i think they got lazy since monolith doesnt have to worry about making the game anymore.