Gamespot:Burnout Crash details surface - Report

Early last week, the Australian Classification Board offered up tantalizing information that EA would soon be returning with a new, multiplatform installment in its vehicular carnage-heavy Burnout franchise. The listing was light on information, unfortunately, and it was not clear if Criterion Games would be returning to the franchise that it created, or what direction this new game would take.

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Rage_S902744d ago

Back to burnout 3 roots apparently XD

LOGICWINS2743d ago

Awesome...everything since Burnout 3 has been downhill for the Burnout franchise IMO.

barb_wire2743d ago

And for me, that's a good thing..

Heck, I'd be happy if EA/Criterion re-released a HD remake of Takedown/Revenge.

egidem2743d ago

I hope Criterion games make this one. Burnout 3 was awesome! Paradise was just epic.

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whitesoxfalife2743d ago

are u crazy paradise was insane!!!!!!!

egidem2743d ago

I agree with whitesoxfalife

Paradise was just insane. From the beginning, the entire map is available to you. No shit of unlocking maps. See a car that is sprinting on the road? Take it it's yours! No fuss about spending cash on cars...but that is just the career mode.

Online is just...fantastic! 500 challenges that I found very entertaining. Sometimes it would be annoying...A challenge would start, everyone MUST participate in order to complete it. So far 7 of 8 people are finished, time is running out and some crazy stupid kid is miles away at the other side of the map, just driving around without a care. Those moments were annoying.

Burnout Paradise was insane.

whitesoxfalife2743d ago

dont forget all the extra cars the 80s and da minis, superturbo cars...makes me wanna play it again and i agree wit u egidem when u get somebody who is not participating it makes it hard to get the ach points for it...

Der_Kommandant2743d ago

I only want one thing...

No DJ Atomika!!!!!!!!

egidem2743d ago

He was useful for newcomers. He gives tips and such stuff. If you don't want him to talk, you could just turn the tips off in the menu. The only annoying thing is when you lost a race. He'd rub it in your face by suggesting that you get a different car or something equally annoying...(Like you didn't know).

trainsinrdr2743d ago

only racing game i ever played this gen was burnout paradise only other racing game i ever played was Collin McCrea rally 3

MidnytRain2743d ago (Edited 2743d ago )

You should pick up Gran Turismo 5. It has an assortment of different and unique racing styles and challenges to last many hours. There are rallies, drifting challenges, supercar events, classic car events, go-karts, etc. There are also weekly Seasonal Events. Right now, the newest event is the lightweight Japanese "K" challenge. You should definitely check it out.

Jdq7pr2743d ago

Burnout 2, 3 (and legends), revenge and, most recently, paradise with big surf island, took a lot of hours of my life. I LOOVE burnout. It's straight out fun. The first was so-so (it was the first, come on) and dominator was good but not 3 or revenge good. Can't wait for this one!!!!!! Day one for me, fooor suuuure!!!!!!!