Telegraph - Battlefield 3 preview

Telegraph - Battlefield 3 looks to be the biggest challenge yet seen to Call of Duty's dominance in the FPS market, Tom Hoggins takes a sneak peek at the weapons its bringing to war.

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trainsinrdr2933d ago

call of duty will nevr be beaten saleswise atleast not this gen

ATiElite2933d ago

Who cares about Sales except publishers? Sure COD sold 20 million it's last three times out but does that make it the best Shooter ever. HELL NO! It just made Activision rich with No upgrades for the gamers.

Red Orchestra and Battlefield 2 have that title as best shooter. Oh haven't played these titles, well you better bring your A game cause these games require skill. Therefore COD easy play makes it more accessible to a wider variety of gamers thus the huge sales.

sorta like a Chevy Cruze easy price tag makes it easy to sell more although a Ferrari is by far the better car. All in all the BF3 vs. COD comparisons are getting very stale. COD doesn't have huge maps with vehicles and aircraft while BF isn't casual gamer friendly.