Sony Stepping Backwards

After disappointing consumers by reneging on their promise of totally reliable backwards compatibility on the PS3, the firm had seemingly pulled a minor victory from the jaws of self-constructed defeat by providing software BC in its European models which was actually, really, rather good.

Now, however, the company has decided that after spending months convincing us all that software backwards compatibility was genuinely good enough to satisfy the vast majority of consumers, what we've really wanted all along is no backwards compatibility at all. Sony now considers backwards compatibility to be a luxury feature - something consumers should be willing to pay additional money for.

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sak5004075d ago (Edited 4075d ago )

LOL. Nice image

ISay4075d ago

BC only matters the first 2 years of a consoles life because of the limited software, i was at frys the other day and some guy picked up a an 80 gig ps3 w/ motorstorm packed in i started talking to this guy only to find he didnt know what wifi was or even half the things the ps3 could do, the point is the gen public doesnt know sh1t about these systems, all they know is that a ps3 can play bluray dvd and play games as long as the 40 gig still does that. its a good idea .

Mr Marbles4075d ago

It matters to those who want to buy the PS3 in the future, when you first buy a console you dont have tons of games, so you like to play a lot of your old games still, now you cannot do that with the 40GB. Also this suck because this will be the only PS3 availible once all the 60 and 80GB units sell out, so for those who are getting a PS3 later, they will have no option for BC. That sucks!! Sony was giving M$ all this Sh*t because they had software BC, and now look who is leading in the BC department, the 360 STILL supports its old games, at least all the ones that matter.

synce4075d ago

Sony tried to step forward with Blu-ray, Cell, Wi-Fi, media slots, a large HDD, but you wouldn't stop b*tching about the price. Well, now it's lower. Stop b*tching because if there's anyone to blame it's you.

randomGuyOnline4074d ago (Edited 4074d ago )

I agree. People just love to complain about anything. First the price then the games, and finally backwards compatibility. Sony is trying to stay competitive, so they took out everything that they deemed unnecessary to keep the price as low as possible. If you want backwards compatibility purchase the 60GB or 80GB now, as there are plenty of those SKUs in stock at retail.

The 40GB is for the people who either don't want backwards compatibility or want the cheapest PS3 available. Choice people. You can either get the 40GB PS3 without backwards compatibility or the 60GB and 80GB with backwards compatibility. Remember, you get what you pay for, and you can't have it both ways. So, please everyone stop complaining it's not that big of a deal.

Merovee4074d ago (Edited 4074d ago )

Are you trying to imply that the 120+ million people who have a PS2 would just toss it if they got a PS3? Come on now really. And if you were to think about it for 5 mins you can pick up a PS2 to play ps2 games from game stores everywhere for less than the difference between the two models.

Second point, when did anyone say the 40gb would REPLACE the 80gb? the 40 is the new 20gig replacement the 80 is replacing the 60, end story unless Sony says otherwise.

wageslave4074d ago

"BC only matters the first 2 years of a consoles life because of the limited software"

I disagree. I owned (a couple) Playstation 2s. But there were games on the Xbox that I coveted. But, I have a "one console per gen" policy.

So, I decided to leave Sony and goto Microsoft's Xbox 360 this gen - for many reasons I wont repeat here.

I bought some used Xbox games that I had seen and wanted but didnt have a Xbox to play. There are others that I will be getting.

Removing BC is a big mistake. For the PS2 owners now looking at PS3 vs. Xbox 360, they'll now get access -- like me -- too all the back catalogue that they missed because they didnt -- like me -- have an Xbox.

Its a big big mistake, and I think in Japan, Sony will loose much face for chirping about BC so much then ripping it out and slashing prices -- twice. It smacks of desperation, the stink of failure is on that move.

andy0014074d ago

I agree with synce. Sony are simply making a decision to reduce the price whilst keeping all the features they think are important for this generation. They have taken the negative remarks regarding price and have made a cheaper PS3. They are also taking all the negative press regarding the availability of games and are spending more time and resources on that than on backward compatibility.

As far as the 'one console per generation' rule, wageslave, then I would have liked that idea too, but it really doesn't work as there are great games spread across all the platforms. Microsofts last 'generation' only lasted 4 years, which to me is worse than Sony have done. You can still buy the PS2, and games are still being developed for it (just a shame it is a top loader now otherwise it would sit quite nicely under the PS3)

As it stands I have the backward compatible PS3 so I have the choice of removing the PS2 from the system. My huge behemoth of an xbox is still in my system because there are quite a few games which I still cannot play on the 360 (Riddick, POP 2 and 3, etc.) and I want to finish them before removing it.

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TheHater4075d ago

Do people buy a ps3 to play ps2 games or ps3 game? Which one? Because I bought my ps3 to play ps3 games and not ps2 games. If I want to play my ps2 games, my ps2 is plug in right next to my ps3. If you want to play ps2 games, and you don't own a ps2, then just buy a ps2, it only like 130 dollars or something.

Salvadore4075d ago (Edited 4075d ago )

Yes, you do buy a PS3 to experience next gen gaming, but there are majority of people who never owned a PS/PS2, but would like to have the ability to play great titles from these systems.

As long as Sony releases great PS3 titles, I would care less about BC.

TheHater4075d ago

True and I agree with you. But people are making this into a bigger deal than what it is not.

Salvadore4075d ago

People should at least try to show some appreciation to Sony for introducing a cheaper SKu.

clownfacemcgee4075d ago

Sony knows that Microsoft has done well by having the $350 Xbox 360. Yes, it's missing a lot of features, but most consumers don't care/ don't notice. They'll buy it, then buy then Wifi adapter, then buy the HD-DVD drive, then buy the Xbox Live. And It ends up being a lot more expensive, so Microsoft makes a killing. Sony wants in on that business. This path of "giving value to the consumers" isn't working very well for them and they know it.

But don't pretend like this is any surprise. Both companies are at such an incredible level of scumbaggery. The people working inside the companies may be nice, but the companies as a whole are giant corporate mafioso's. They're in it for the stocks. And stocks = money. So don't go alledging that so and so has "dirty business" when it's all dirty business. Remember Sony's rootkit? That's a dirty tactic. And remember Microsoft forcing 360's on retailers or threatening to withhold Vista? That's a dirty tactic.

But back to the point here. Sony has a bunch of high level "executives" and "consultants" and paper pushers, and they've come to the conclusion that the best way for them to make money in the short term and in the long term is to do this. If they thought that the best way to make money were to stick a pipe bomb in every PS3, they would (provided that it were also legal). If they thought they could make their stocks go up 1% by packaging a bologna sandwich with every blu-ray disc, they would (although I'm a vegetarian, so it wouldn't work for me).

So to the point of the article, the backwards compatibility cost $100, because they're taking that out of the Microsoft playbook. I personally expect to see even more of this stripping away extra, then overcharging for them. It just makes money.

Real Gambler4075d ago

So first, when will it stop. This is just another rant. This is not news anymore. How could somebody by now not know about this. This as been posted 15 times in "NEWS for gamer" alone! Should they change their name to RANTS for gamers????

Then, the guy goes on and say: "why tell people months in advance that the model is being discontinued? " Well because you have a choice. You want full BC, you buy the 60Gb before it's gone. You still want decent BC, you buy the 80Gb model. You want to save a few bucks, you buy the 40Gb model.

Now, this guy also make it look like Sony doesn't save money by removing BC. Nobody with half a brain would do that. They are not saving much, but they are saving money. If it would not cost a penny, it would still be there. Simple. Sure, it's not hundreds of dollars, but if you want to offer a lower price package, you have to cut somewhere.

I guess Nintendo is right. Just one plain model. Take it or leave it. People complained about the 360 because the core was almost naked. And now people complaint about the PS3 because it's loosing BC. Very strange world!

Now waiting for BC "news" number 16 : )

The Brave 14075d ago

Wow this guy just managed to fix all of sony troubles all by himself.Maybe he should replace Kaz as head of SCE.Listen people,there are 120 million+ PS2 out there,which is more than SuperNintendo(60million)Xbox1( 24million)and Gamecube(20million)combined.My point is that almost everyone that is going to buy a ps2 already has.Why does Microshit get a pass with almost no BC?Stop hating on the PS3.Everybody knows the inevitable.Ps3 will rule! PLAY B3YOND

Gina-get-u4075d ago (Edited 4075d ago )

Edit: argh, posted comment on wrong article.

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blackmagic4075d ago

How is an article released 2 days ago about a PS3 sku that isn't even available yet 'extremely old news'?

Real Gambler4075d ago

Please, don't tell me it was the first time you heard about this???? If so, you should get out from under your rock more often. This has been posted 15 times so far in NEWS for gamers... The first time, it was news! The 15th time, it's just rant from somebody.

If I release today an article on my web site about the fact that Russia sent Spoutnik on orbit in 1957, does it suddenly become a news because I talk about it again???? Should it be posted on CNN... How many times does someone has to bring an old story back before it dies. WOW!

Marty83704075d ago

I don't see a problem with what Sony is/is'nt doing with BC, it's not a priority right now. Saying that it's still could be possible in the future using just software for BC on all PS3 SKU's.

actionjackson4075d ago

I agree. Although most people are stating that BC is not possible on the 40Gb system. I'm not entirely convinced. I think the Sony is simply employing this tactic to clear out stock on the 60Gb model outside the US. Also, this may be the last holiday season where Sony puches the PS2. Thereofre, they are probably making one last push on the PS2 to start the phase out. The US already has the 80Gb version and it seems that the 40/80Gb models are going to be standard now. Once the 60Gb is gone, I think Sony will release firmware to account for BC. Sony has always had the stance that they hear the customers and if the customers want it, then they provide it. What makes people think differently now. Every firmware's release has had the same reasons for it. I expect that once the holdiay season passes, miraculously, Sony releases the BC software for the 40 Gb. I think Sony is trying to gauge the market at this time. If the 40Gb sell at the rate Sony expected without BC then the consumers are sending the message that they no longer need it. If it sells, but not at the rate that they thought, then Sony will get the public a firmware which accounts for BC. Also, has anyone noticed how quite Sony has been on this issue? Besides the European Sony VP, no one else from Sony has truly elaborated on this issue. When Phil discusses this issue, I expect the light at the end of the tunnel to emerge.

fury4075d ago

If you want BC, buy the 60Gig one. If you don't want BC, buy the 40GB one. It's that simple and people should learn to stop complaining. The 399$ is a great deal even without BC.

eLiNeS4075d ago

Fony is not giving you options, there stripping something out that you can't add back on later for a price. Everything the Xbox 360 does not have on the core can be added on later if you care to. So saying you don't care is only hurting you and all the late adopters. Some people have hundreds of PS2 games and the reason for playing them on the PS3 is to up convert them, isn't that better then plain old PS2 graphics? Plus, there are more AAA games for the PS2 then the PS3. And why would you want a PS2 and a PS3 connected at the same time with all the other components in your theater system. That would be a useless cluttered mess. It's ok to hate on Fony for stripping BC out of the 40 Gigger, that way they will think twice before stripping out something else in the future. Pull together before it's to late.

Blitzed4075d ago (Edited 4074d ago )

Hey cool, how do I add an HDMI port to my 360? Can I add full BC as well? That's awsome! I can't wait to hear how.

Dont be a blind trolling fanboy and stop spamming your post.

EDIT @Bloodmask I can't believe you failed to mention this

Its your post about how to add HDMI. I know its not MS but it's still funny. *EDIT* lol seems you did mention it, I figured the link was BC stuff. lol Did you run out and google that and then figure thats news worthy as well?

Sony can still add software BC as well. i know there has been articles speculating there are missing assets required but we all know its possible if they want too. They said "we have no plans to do so at this time". Anyways, i dont wnat to defend there position, I could care less. I just hate the trolling and spamming, not to mention I'm tired of this BC stuff.

Bloodmask4075d ago

To emulate each game separately takes time. Microsoft is constantly updating their emulated catalog. They most likely won't stop until their done with them all.

wageslave4074d ago

Outside of the Bluray movie player, the PS3 is totally uncompelling at any price.

The games catalogue is lackluster, and that is being kind. The PSN is second rate. The downloadable content is minimal. Their is no in-game equivalent to the Xbox 360 Guide for uniform cross game invites, friends, communications, DLC and custom music.

I could go on and on about the things that the Xbox 360 does that the PS3 cannot.

The problems are more than just the price point... or even the game catalogue. All the other features arent there either.

The PS3 isnt a good competitor to Xbox 360 at _any_ price.

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