Seniors strike it healthy with virtual bowling

CanWest News Service (Canada) reports how Nintendo Wii and DS are helping seniors and retirees to stay physically and mentally healthy while bonding with their friends, children and grandchildren.

"Friday is bowling night at the Millennium Trail Manor retirement home, when up to 20 residents gather for some friendly competition on the (bowling) lanes... They're going to try boxing next. There's no risk of bruised knuckles or broken noses, though, because the residents play the sports on the Wii..."

"Dr. Sharon Cohen has incorporated Brain Age (DS) into treatment programs for patients with Alzheimer's and dementia at the Toronto Memory Clinic. The games really do offer mental callisthenics, she says..."

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ktchong4024d ago (Edited 4024d ago )

Nintendo completey OWNS the game markets for young girls, middle age housewives, soccer moms, seniors, retirees. Add all those markets together, and that's the HUGE potential for Wii. Xbox 360 and PS3 will never be able to touch those markets.

unsunghero284024d ago

As far as casual gamers go, there's nothing that even comes close to the Wii or DS.

Personally, as a hardcore gamer, I find the Wii appealing too for its killer first party titles, exclusives, and fun party games. I am aware, however, that a lot of people don't agree with me.

But when I think about it, out of the three consoles Wii is the one I would hate myself most for not owning.