BioWare celebrates Xbox 360's Mass Effect trilogy

BioWare has expressed its satisfaction at being able to release the entire Mass Effect trilogy on a single console platform.

The original Mass Effect released as an Xbox 360 exclusive in 2007, and BioWare is this year set to release the series' final instalment on the same system - a rarity for any home console.

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Warprincess1162749d ago ShowReplies(5)
outwar60102749d ago

i doubt they'd celebrate dragon age 2 or the shitty dlc they've been making

Rageanitus2749d ago

now time for them to make a tri pack for both ms and sony

edhe2749d ago

Franchise of the Generation pack with all DLC packed in for all games?


Kingdom Come2749d ago

The original Mass Effect was he superior game for me, I prefered the RPG Elements. However, I have no doubt that Mass Effect 3, combining the originals RPG elements and the Seconds combat, should take the crown a best of the trilogy...

RememberThe3572749d ago

I agree. I thought the gameplay was much better in ME2 but the RPG elements were so much better in ME1.

Captain Tuttle2749d ago

Nothing beats walking around the Citadel and exploring it for the first time. The Citadel in ME2 was such a huge disappointment.

krazykombatant2749d ago

In my opinion, the first one was better than the 2nd. Not saying this because the 2nd is a multiplat. It's just that the storyline, the gameplay, I absolutely loved the first one. 2nd game was good, but it only surpassed the first one in that it became a action 3rd person shooter with some rpg elements. Unlike the 1st the rpg elements where huge. Gameplay was a little clunky at first but you got used to it. let's hope the 3rd game is more like the first.

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The story is too old to be commented.