PSP Review - The 3rd Birthday ( "After a lengthy decade-long road to fruition, The 3rd Birthday finally sees a follow up to cult classic survival horror-RPG hybrid Parasite Eve 2 hit stores. The resulting game delivers the PSP its most visually stunning title and an excellent third-person shooter teeming with great gameplay ideas, but an indecipherable story might leave fans wanting."

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Close_Second2747d ago (Edited 2747d ago )

Slighty off topic...

It feels more like a wake than a birthday. Honestly, firmware updates have been largely security patches in the last 18months, the flow of quality games has nearly dried up. I own a Go so things are even worse as you can't yet pick up many of the back catalog games on PSN.

PSN store in NZ for PSP feels more like the little corner store where the product doesn't change because no one goes there.