Gamer's Corner: Dragon Age 2 vs DA: Origins

An article comparing the strengths of each game. Can Bioware take on these points and make the perfect Dragon Age 3 that the RPG world is waiting for? Read on and find out.

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dragunrising2931d ago

I loved both games for most of the same reasons listed in the article. I hope they mix the best qualities of DA:O's and DA2.

With that said, I felt like my actions in Dragon Age 2 carried less weight. In Origins you pretty much save all of Ferelden. In save Kirkwall. The mage/templar conflict has real implications for fututure DA games, however there wasn't anything else that seemed to have a grander scale then that. What makes Dragon Age 2 a true sequel?

If anyone wants to PM me and debate this, I wouldn't mind. Its hard to talk about Dragon Age without giving away spoilers, which I avoided by being vague :-p

WhiteNoise2931d ago

DA2 is better imo.

MUCH better gameplay and the dialogue throughout was much more consistent in quality.

Far better graphics and the sound quality ( not the soundtrack, I'm taking about bitrates and $#!+ ) seemed much higher in DA2.

DA:O vanilla was a much larger game though and had a lot more varied areas. The Ostagar DLC was awesome as you could go back and see the ruin. The lack of these type of areas made sense in the context of DA2 though so it isn't a problem for me.

I think it goes DA2>DA: Awakening> DA: Origins.

They still haven't made a game to equal the Witcher though. I have high hopes for DA3 though as I think they have taken a lot of the complaints to heart and will hopefully listen to the requested changes.

terrordactyl2930d ago

True, although I found that the recycled areas in DA2 really grated on me.