Job ads out new Army of Two

A pair of job listings posted on EA's website have revealed that a new Army of Two game could be in the pipeline, with Visceral Games Montreal reportedly heading up development.

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sinncross2748d ago

Just finishing up the Platinum for 40th Day. Its fun, but unpolished, and online could use some serious server work.

That said, I think a 3rd could be really good if care is given in the development process.

I_find_it_funny2748d ago

can't say I'm too interested, I had a chance to play both previous games and they were meh

extermin8or2748d ago

Good God WHY????? noo, the last 2 games are high on my list as the 2 most unpolished and worst games I've played in quite a while :/ outclassed I think by only kayne and lynch that was abysmal :( whoever made that really should have been fired or moved to somewhere where they can do no more damage :s

trainsinrdr2748d ago

i rented the first one and it was extremely boring i hate whn u have to shoot someone like 20 times to kill them

Quagmire2748d ago

The first game was decent, if a little slower paced, more conservative shooter, but the sequel was just a mess. Hopefully the next game will fix it up.

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The story is too old to be commented.