Jaffe: Twisted Metal 'Never A Hit In Europe'

NowGamer: Eat, Sleep, Play boss David Jaffe thinks the upcoming Twisted Metal game for PS3 will expand the franchise's worldwide fan-base...

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Abash2745d ago

The title is misleading, Jaffe said Twisted Metal has never been as big of a hit in EU as it has been in the US.

Kurt Russell2745d ago

I must admit I never really played it when they were about. I played Vigilante 8 which is similar but I wouldn't say that was a huge game either.

I'm personally more prepared to give it a go this time round though, it's a lacking genre and will make a change from the usual tried and tested games of late.

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Warprincess1162745d ago

I don't know why it not popular in Europe. Twisted metal black was amazing. I still wished this game was a sequel to black. I never liked the humor side of twisted metal. I never found it funny.

I_find_it_funny2745d ago

I don't know why Gran Turismo is not popular in US

jim2wheels2744d ago

Watch some US racing, that should cover it.

Equinoxe_72745d ago

The game seems pretty chaotic, maybe that's why.

Chaostar2745d ago

I'm European and like a bit of chaos every now and again. Are you trying to say European gamers prefer peaceful games?

Equinoxe_72745d ago

Nope, it was a guess, but I think europeans play more diverse games.

mastiffchild2745d ago

IDK-I can only remember seeing ANYTHING in the UK about the very first game and when release day came it wasn't in any of my local stores! Since then the only time I've ever SEEN TM is on Youtube til this one got announced.

I recall Jaffe being interviewed for OPMUK and saying he thought, maybe, TM hadn't been subtle enough for EU gamers but I'm thinking Sony, for whatever reason, just never pushed it over here.

SlickShoes2745d ago

SCEE are terrible for pushing games over here, I dont know if its a budget or regions issue, but you rarely see TV ads never mind anything else unless its a MASSIVE release.

petko232745d ago

now i know why sony decided to make a new twisted metal. because it is very popular in US and ps3 needs sales boost in US.
same reason why sony has so many shooter exclusives: resistance, killzone, MGO, warhawk, uncharted, socom, haze

SuperLupe2745d ago (Edited 2745d ago )

Yep Sony mostly fund US oriented games. Goes to show they know more than the fanboys which market is the most important to secure.

Even games like GOW3 are way bigger in the US than in EU.

Baka-akaB2745d ago (Edited 2745d ago )

uh ?
what's us oriented about the killzone serie selling as well in eu than in us ? Or resistance even doing better in europe ? Or heavy rain ?
Or little big planet ? Gran turismo ? Motorstorm ?

You've got one god of war serie well marketed in usa , and now suddenly it's a us orientated frenzy ?

Reefskye2745d ago

I remember Twisted metal but I could never get in to it, all though I loved playing Vigilante 8.

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The story is too old to be commented.