Final Fantasy V Releases

Square Enix has launched its remastered version of the classic RPG Final Fantasy V for PS3 and PSP today, giving an entire new generation of gamers the chance to experience one of the best games in the series.

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Ryu75052743d ago

I'm so happy they are making the remastered version of Final Fantasy V! The last time I played it for the GBA version! It took me a very long time to beat it! I'll be ready to do it all over again!

phantomexe2743d ago

I saw this and rushed to get on psn but it wasn't on there.

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bangoskank2743d ago

Is this true. If so why no FFIV remastered for the PS3? I'd buy it immediately.

Kamikaze1352743d ago

Because it was remade for the DS and remastered for the PSP. Final Fantasy V got no love this gen. Glad it's getting remastered...hopefully it's a little more than just new CGI which I really don't care for.

bangoskank2743d ago

IV remastered for the PSP got a visual upgrade. Nothing like the ds version, just cleaner looking sprites. I'd imagine V remastered received the same treatment. IV is one of my favorite installments in the series so it would just be nice if I could play the remastered edition without having to own a PSP.

Kamikaze1352743d ago (Edited 2743d ago )

It's the same thing though. The "cleaner" sprites for Final Fantasy IV on the PSP were sprites that were created for the ground up specifically for the PSP version of IV. Just like the DS version of IV required the 3D models to be built from the ground up, which is more work, of course.

Anyway, somebody posted a video on Youtube of Final Fantasy V that they bought off of PSN (at least they claimed that it was). It's the same exact game as the PS1 version. Unfortunately it didn't receive any graphical upgrades.

bangoskank2743d ago

That's too bad. You were right: no love for FFV.

Blaine2743d ago

Hmm... I'm very close to finishing VC2, and definitely in a RPG mood right now. Perfect timing? I think yes!

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