Sony Launch Gran Turismo Clothing Range

Revealed late last month, the Gran Turismo clothing range is now available to purchase in the UK. The launch of the Gran Turismo Boutique marks the arrival of a sleek range of clothing inspired by the Real Driving Simulator, with a unique collecting of t-shirts, jumpers, jackets and more priced from £20 - £169.

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RememberThe3574253d ago

As long as these jackets don't have pixelated smoke :)

The premium stuff is gonna look great though :)

Quagmire4253d ago

Lmfao, I wonder how bad the Standard clothing is gonna look, all 800 of them!

claterz4253d ago

Some nice stuff, but it seems a bit overpriced..
And there isn't much to show that there even from a GT clothing range other than a tiny logo at the bottom. Maybe I'll get the T-shirt for £20 though lol.

Calm Down Sunshine4253d ago

A T-shirt for £20? .. I wouldn't spend that on a house.

TLG19914253d ago

where do you buy cloths bernardos?

Calm Down Sunshine4252d ago

Just bulk buy white t-shirts, 70p each. What more do you need?

BlmThug4252d ago

Wow, Which Sad Person Will Buy These Clothes

ian724252d ago

The jackets/coats look nice, but the t-shirts are a bit poor. Just plain t-shirts with GT logo sewn on.