8 Video Game Movie Adaptations I Can’t Wait to See & 5 I Definitely Don’t


Video games have a long, tragic history of being made into terrible movies- Street Fighter, anyone? Jake Gyllenhaal with an English accent in Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time? So it’s with great trepidation that I follow reports of new video game film adaptations.

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geekwithtanlines2835d ago

amazing! what a great article. i was laughing at my desk at work! though reading about the Uncharted movie is making me doubt that it's going to be any good. :P

hay2835d ago (Edited 2835d ago )

I disagree. I don't trust people who can't understand "genius" Uwe Boll is. His movies are so specific(and bad quite often) they're actually enjoyable. Some are quite good(Rampage).

sonicsidewinder2835d ago

The Far Cry film was so bad.

But it's a movie you gotta watch with like-minded buddies to take the piss out of.

Finger-Eater2835d ago

Why does everyone hate Mark Wahlberg? He does look like a big douche to be around with, is it his personality? I dont get it???

Pozzle2835d ago

I can't speak for everyone, but there are a lot of people who still think Mark's a douche for all the assaults and crimes he committed years ago:

The rest probably just think he's a shitty actor.

mastiffchild2835d ago

I know a few people who have mew the boy(a while ago admittedly)and to a man they reckon he's a shitbag-just very selfish and nasty. Couldn't say myself but a lot of people who've come across him i person tend to dislike the guy. Maybe he's changed, who knows? Talk, as they say, is VERY cheap.

sonicsidewinder2835d ago

Because when he was in that Max Payne film he admitted he'd never played the games cus he said he didn't need to.

Which is more than a little bit daft.

Having said that i don't hate him. Far from it, he's involved in quite a lot. Producing Boardwalk Empire etc.

dead_eye2835d ago

what sonicsidewinder says. And he's a shit actor.

geekwithtanlines2834d ago

no i like whalberg, but he's no nathan drake!!

khan_saab2835d ago

I personally don't think Mark Wahlberg can make a good Nathan Drake but with director martin o russle it is a possibility that this may work

csreynolds2835d ago

"I jizzed in my pants"...


theonlylolking2835d ago

I do not want real actors trying to be like drake, sully, etc... I want to see and hear the original characters. Since the actors for uncharted are so good then why can't they just do what avatar by james cameron did and make basically everything digital?

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