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JB Hi-Fi Australia are running a promotion until Sunday 17/4/11. They are offering 20% off the marked price of ALL their games, including pre-owned. There’s some great buys there, and unlike EB Games, they don’t seem to have marked their games back up for the promotion.

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NewZealander2744d ago

gotta love jb hifi, its my new favorite place to buy games!

banjadude2744d ago

They are MUCH better than GAME UK. I've only ordered 1 product from JB (Shogun 2 Total War)... took 4 weeks to get to me, and I had to pay duty fees, but the service was top notch, and they didn't reject my order like GAME.

NewZealander2744d ago

ah well my local jb is amazing, super cheap, well compared to the other game retailers it is anyway, ive never mail ordered anything from them though.