SSX screens show Elise, actual bright colours

Following news that it won't release until January 2012, EA's put out a bunch of new SSX shots showing fan-favourite boarder Elise.

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LordStig2836d ago

sweet now show us Psymon and Zoe and i'll gladly slap down the cash for day one.

Marcus Fenix2836d ago

they can have justin bieber and I guarantee u a smash it amoung kids, anyway I've been waiting for a new SSX game like 4 ever and when they 1st announced this game with that chuck norris direction I was severely disappointed, but now that they're makin it the way most fans like im so happy but still this game isn't comin out in 2011

xtreampro_REVENGE!2836d ago (Edited 2836d ago )

Actually they haven't changed anything from their initial announcement. It's just that you and a bunch of others overreacted.

At least they're going the DmC route.

FunAndGun2836d ago

Well, they did drop the :deadly descents tag line you know.

gravemaker2836d ago

possibly the best game this generation for me

petko232836d ago

where is mac? he was my favorite

Gen0ne2836d ago

I was thinking the same thing. He's a staple in the franchise though, he'll be there... he better be.

DragonKnight2836d ago

Man, why'd they have to make Elise look so damn generic? That's why Tricky is still the best. It wasn't trying to be a "serious snowboarding game" it was trying to be an arcadey, off the wall, "man look how much air I'm getting" kind of game.

I miss Eddie's Afro, Psymon's spiked up hair, Elise's endowment (lol). Hell, the only characters that even remotely looked like boarders were Mac and Moby. Why is it lately that newer games end up being more generic in a lot of ways?

soundslike2836d ago

Are you really gonna stamp your feet and QQ when the game comes out simply because it doesn't meet your "ideal visual style representation of characters"

ffs chill out

DragonKnight2836d ago

Umm, you're the one that responded in an over the top manner. If you like generic characters, have at it. Some of us like actual character to our characters. Maybe you shouldn't keep your expectations so low.

soundslike2836d ago (Edited 2836d ago )


I've played most of the SSX games and enjoyed them all, but never did I once think "man if they ever make that guy's hair less spiky I'll boycott the game"

Save the judgements for the gameplay. Could it suck horribly? You bet. I sure as hell can't tell from a few screens posted for damage control though, and neither can you so stop kidding yourself.

DragonKnight2836d ago

Hey, if you want to play "Generic Snowboard Supercross 6" go ahead. The rest of us prefer some flare and character to games that goes beyond simple gameplay.

I guess you love CoD right?

PygmelionHunter2836d ago

If it's anywhere as good as Tricky, it'll instantly be a must have.

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