AMD Catalyst update promises big gains for gamers

AMD has posted the latest release of its Catalyst graphics chip drivers, claiming the software yields "significant performance gains" in a stack of games - DirectX 10 supporting titles in particular.

The latter include BioShock, World in Conflict, Lost Planet, Call of Juarez and Company of Heroes, all of which gain framerate improvements of "at least" 70, 14-67, 20, 42 and 80 per cent, respectively, AMD claimed. The boosts come primarily in CrossFire multi-GPU configurations, but in some cases for single-card set-ups too.

Other games targeted by the update include Battlefield 2142, Call of Duty 2, Enemy Territory: Quake Wars, FEAR and Supreme Commander.AMD also rolled out a couple of new features into Catalyst 7.10: adaptive anti-aliasing can now be handled by the ATI Radeon X1000 line of GPUs, and the ATI Radeon HD 2400 and 2600 series gain software CrossFire support.

Full update details and the software itself is available now from AMD's drivers website.

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Charlie26884111d ago (Edited 4110d ago )

Hold on a sec let me get this FINALLY get the performance boost AMD has been saying for the past...year...BUT if you are crossfire..if you are single...maybe

mmmmm.... >.>

@Xi: While I don't really pay attention to the features of the updates one of the latest NVIDIA updates I downloaded had "increased SLI support" for all the new games and in the NVIDIA Control Panel on your PC there is a list of compatible SLI games

Xi4110d ago

at least they support crossfire, nvidia drivers don't do much for SLI.