Blizzard are leading the way in online gaming

"Xbox Live is not even close to us"
Blizzard COO Paul Sams has expressed his personal admiration for Microsoft's Xbox 360 console, but argues that console online services can't compare to and World of Warcraft.

"When you look at and you look at the subscribership we have with World of Warcraft, even Xbox Live is not even close to us," he said, speaking exclusively to in Leipzig.

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Gh0stDrag0n5375d ago

Players are addicted to WoW, it is digital crack. And almost as expensive as the real thing.

bung tickler5375d ago

yes this is true... but guild wars is far better AND FREE! made by the same ppl that developed diablo.

no_more_heroes5375d ago

They said that xbox live is awesome but it would need a major overhaul for MMO's like WoW. This was from sometime last year.

XboxKing5375d ago

a major overhaul??? uuhhh thats not true

Paul Sams is my boss and if he feels that this is somthing we sould not be working on then thats the way it will be.