In-Game Advertising Should Trump Over Online Passes

It’s no surprise that game developers want to make a profit out of pre-owned game sales. The current (and most) popular method for them so far is by charging gamers a hefty online pass to play games online.

Wouldn’t in-game advertising be a more consumer friendly alternative to online passes?

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RedDragan2930d ago (Edited 2930d ago )

Absoultely, in game advertising is something that gaming developers have woefully under appreciated. Just look at the pic relate to this particular report on N4G.

That billbord could have a Coke-Cola poster on it.

Obviously some people will disagree with this thinking, but if they want to buy a second hand game that is realistically worth £10 in the second hand market, and then pay extra just go online then it makes their opinion a very confusing one to understand.

Reports and opinion pieces like this deserve more gamer input than the crap currently hitting the highest degree's on the front page. Anon attacking Sony, who cares, ignore them and they have no audience. Stuff like this though? Make a big enough conversation out of it everytime it appears and the gaming publishers will take note and might just stop this online pass business and opt for the free online in the second hand market and make their cash from other sources.

EDIT: I should have said, an online pass might cost £5 today. In 10 years though if the system remains then there is no stopping companies like EA charging half price of the new game itself. This is why advertising in-game can save us gamers money, it's about product placement and not making us wait to play by forcing a video down our throats as the online match loads.

COD games, can of Pepsi on the floor amongst rubble.
Crysis games, Sanyo TVs in electronic stores in city settings.

Things like that.

PSPSA2930d ago


Brilliant post. I also believe the game worlds (well real life based ones) would look more realistic with brand name stuff in them. Licensed traffic vehicles, branded appliances, etc.

DrFUD2930d ago

I didn't play Homefront but from the clip I saw online it had real product ads and that was the best part of the clip.
The soda machine was what should be on a soda machine.
The lumber yard was the real lumber yard company.
And so on.

I'm sick of generic Knobby Tire ads.
PES has the actual ads on the boards around field and it adds to the immersion.
The only thing that could hold it back is if the devs only use 1 or 2 ads and copy those exact ads everywhere like in the baseball games

RedDragan2930d ago (Edited 2930d ago )

That is a problem, but one of lack of vision at the amount of money they could be making. Now that games are intricately linked to the internet adverts could be continuously updated.

All the devs need to say is "You get 3 months and share with upto 50 other companies or products". The most popular games would likely spark a bidding war between advertisers and the dev could then change the terms to "You get 3 months and share space with 200 other companies or products".

That is a money gold mine for them, and hopefully we don't need to pay for online play.


Errod882930d ago

Instead of a online pass developers should give us a digital copy of the game if you buy it brand new instead of it used.