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VideoGamer: Bathing in the twenty-degree heat of an April sun, I bore witness to a rather lovely display of car ballet - or Gymkhana, as it's better known. WRC star Ken Block's Subaru pirouetted about Battersea Power Station with the elegance and finesse of a ballerina, with only the thunderous sounds of its engine ruining the illusion of grace. Gymkhana - technical, style-focused rally driving across urban environments - is a big focus for DiRT 3, and seeing it first-hand was quite the experience.

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RedDragan2837d ago (Edited 2837d ago )

They showcase this game in Wales... home of the UK WRC event... and yet Codemasters still insists in forcing the Battersea crap down our throats.

They may as well have held the preview in the Battersea bioler room.

Colin McRae would never have put his name on this title if he was still alive, he was a rally driver... not a prancing pony. GIVE US THE 'UPTO 40km LONG' WALES WRC STAGES! THERE ARE 9 OF THEM FOR GOODNESS SAKE!

If they are going to put McRae's name on it, the least they should do is give us every WRC stage in the world! I wanna spend 25 minutes on a track that could in distance terms, get me from Swansea to Cardiff in South Wales!

Yes, that means I know the South Wales area through the WRC. :D

EDIT: DX11 + a proper WRC Track layout = Heavenly goodness

Daves2837d ago

Well they didn't put McRae's name in it. Nor is it a WRC licensed game. I guess a broader appeal.

I doubt a game with 40km long stages would even fit on a disk. But at least a 10 minute stage would be nice.

I remember Network Q RAC rally on PC back in 1995 - one of them stages was 20 mins ish! All looked the same though.

See what you are saying fella, but you are perhaps more purist than most.

RedDragan2835d ago

That is the game I was thinking of when the each DiRT is released lol... The 20 min one is the old North Wales track but I can't remember the name now. It hasn't been used but was legendary XD

I still have it on CD, but haven't loaded it up in many years.