GamesRadar: Portal 2's dynamic music - an interview with composer Mike Morasky


Portal 2 is a downpour of new, so it's understandable that its brand-new dynamic music system, which reacts to player actions with the increasingly complex melodies of Valve composer Mike Morasky, has been largely overclouded by the exciting co-op mode and expanded cast.

Being raging game music nerds, however, we had to know more, and to our delight, Valve and Morasky, whose diverse talents you've probably already heard in Portal, Team Fortress 2, and the Left 4 Dead series, not only kindly agreed to answer our questions, but also threw in five brief clips from in-game tracks.

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distorted_reality2747d ago

Great interview, love the track snippets as well, great retro 8-bit sort of sound.

coolfool2746d ago

The music sounds great. Really in keeping with the game. There really is an old school sound to the music harking back to the days when music really did sound more mechanical.