GameTrailers: Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One - Co-Operative Design Interview

Dr. Nefarious's plan goes severely wrong and must enlist the help of Ratchet and friends to survive. Get the details on the Co-Op gameplay in this interview with Production Director Shaun McCabe.

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earbus2745d ago

Milk 2 sugars thanks.

TBM2745d ago

Wow not surprising you don't have anything productive to say. If you don't like R&C you can also go back to CoD, Halo, and the many other series that are milking it this generation also.

Anyway im looking forward to this games release later this year since I love the R&C series so much.

morkendo232745d ago (Edited 2745d ago )

may the force be with you master earda

edit: after watching footage over an over look like insomniac added previous creatures on this game example: creatures from QUEST FOR BOOTY (red snail creature),TOOLS OF DESTRUCTION (red snail creature and large alien solider creatures from "A Crack In Time" battle arena),GOING COMMANDO (octopus creature and ryno like creature but is burgandy with spikes on the back with long nose in this game),UP YOUR ARSONAL some features
nothing new or innovative. seem to me all they did was added previous series together. only thing is missing is ZONIES