Might & Magic: Clash Of Heroes HD review | Metro

One of the best portable games of 2010 is now one of the best downloadable titles of 2011, with a game that has everything except a cool name.

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matti423813d ago

eh.. they actually gave it an 8/10

MWH3813d ago

it's 8/10 man, it's a world of differences between 6 and 8. fix it.

Christopher3813d ago

It's fixed, thanks for the catch, both you and matti42.

aviator1893813d ago

whooa, you've got so many bubbles!!

anyways, I bought the game and I'm loving it so far!

artsaber3813d ago

There's a new sheriff in town, and his name is cgoodno. He's one of the newest moderators, congrats.

But on topic, I almost bought this game last night. I believe PSN + members get a discount on purchasing it. I got sidetracked though, couldn't decide whether to buy this game, the other new one, or both.

schlanz3813d ago

This is a fantastic game, I played it on DS.. truly an overlooked gem on the system.

Hopefully it will get more recognition now being on PSN and XBLA.