The incredible shrinking game: the truth of game length in the modern industry

When will gamers finally have way too much of not enough? The tension between game prices and the length of the experience is only becoming more apparent as big-budget, long-hyped releases can be finished in the span of an afternoon. Most recently, Medal of Honor, Vanquish, and Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2 were chastised by critics and consumers alike for being incredibly brief—all take about five hours to complete.

Games are getting shorter, but not many in the industry readily want to admit it. Setting up interviews for this article proved a Sisyphean task: no one wanted to say their games were too short, and those who created longer games were loath to criticize their peers.

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BeastlyRig3813d ago

The truth of accepting shorter game length in the modern industry..

That what's the problem..

limewax3813d ago

Yeah this article is bull, basically ends saying it doesnt take lot of parts but the right parts to make a great game, this is true to an extent, however it takes a lot of great parts to make a truly great game, Rendering the shorter=quality arguement pointless

Ghoul3813d ago

higher quality graphics, use of new technologys and the amount of assets used in todays games are the real reason, 5 years ago a complete game had the same amount of assets technology used and detail like a level in uncharted/gears or similar for example.

Dynasty20213813d ago

''"Throwing in all kinds of crap to fill up a disc is a thing of the past," he said.''

Hmm. Activision and Infinity Ward don't seem to think so...

sam22363813d ago

Short length = lazy devs with no imagination and no effort during the game's development.

If you disagree with that then you're the casualised cancer that's killing gaming this gen. Honestly, there's no fucking excuse to have a game that's only 4 hours long nowadays.