HD formats battle heats up in Australia

Australian newspapers The Age reports on October 13, 2007:

The war between the high definition (HD) formats has ramped up a gear, with one camp declaring there will not be enough room for two.

"I think that there will be only one format. The faster we get to one format, the better for consumers," Sony Pictures Home Entertainment managing director, Michele Garra, said at a presentation in Sydney.

While the struggle between HD DVD and Blu-ray remains relatively close in the United States, Blu-ray has grabbed a big share of the market in Australia, outselling its competitor seven to one.

But Garra isn't happy yet.

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xhi44481d ago

here in Australia Blu-Ray is being promoted far heavier than HD-DVD is. Many people don't even know what HD-DVD is. You know that extravagant Blu-Ray add? With blu rain, cars, drums etc. with the black background? Well, if you go to any movie in Sydney (that's all I can confirm), but for the Sydney movie cinemas every movie they show, in the advertisements before it that Blu-Ray ad is always played.

It seems the only real battle is in America, I'm not from America so I can't say anything, but how is the promotion levels of HD-DVD in comparison to Blu-Ray?

(bubbles :D)

Jdash244481d ago (Edited 4481d ago )

as far as commericals go

for every 3 out of 5 ive seen it states coming to dvd and blu ray

for every 1 out of 5 ive seen say its coming to all

for every 1 out of 5 ive seen say its coming to dvd and hd dvd

so a bit more for blu ray commercial wise........but still a majority of people dont know either

and as for stores the ones in my town have 3 times as many shelves for blu ray.......but the best buy has the same # in stock for both

MK_Red4481d ago

"The faster we get to one format, the better for consumers"

Totally agreed. The war was helpfull for consumers at first but now, with so many superb HD movies scattered between Blu and HD-DVD, I can't help but curse Paramout and their stupid decision.

Young Capwn4481d ago

Your so right, Hopefully they get horrid sales and switch...take a look at how well 300 did on BR than it did on HD!

Lionsguard4481d ago

Yea well...Australia sucks..take that Blu-Ray! what? no response? that's right...

Jdash244481d ago

good one man

(ps. accidently clicked disagree, my bad)

whitesky4481d ago (Edited 4481d ago )


BLlNK4480d ago

HD DVD is losing not because it's unknown. That makes no scence really. Bluray is superior in every way. People would prefer the Bluray. HD DVD is not going to win soely because its inferior.

jaja14344480d ago

I like BR and all but please make a post that has a smidgen of sense next time.

cuco334480d ago

It actually is in shambles

10 times the players but only leading 1.5:1
BD+ compatibility issues (ref: Fox's latest titles not working on some Samsung and LG players)
who wants DRM? not the consumer!
players are more expensive to consumer (to recoup subsidized costs)
disks cost more to replicate (last figures were as much as 30%)
PS3 owners are not buying into BD (sales say this clearly)

the list goes on and on. HD DVD has the better business model. It is better for the consumer for HDM. disagree all you like, you PS3 owners aren't buying BDs so shout all you want about superiority and dominance of a market that is only 2% large

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