14 New Hi-Res Images of Kane & Lynch

Gamersyde: "Kane & Lynch: Dead Men is essentially a co-op videogame where two characters, a medicated psychopath and a mercenary, form an infernal tandem in the hope of achieving their destiny. New images with horizontal as well as vertical action".

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HeartlesskizZ4113d ago

When ever I see the part "From the creators of HITMAN", it reminds me why im getting this game =)

Jdash244113d ago

this game is going to be really interesting

i cant wait to try the bank robbing multiplayer mode

wageslave4112d ago

I concur heartily. I much prefer multi-player modes that arent just "big shoot'em ups". I can play Gears of War Annex for days on end. And really cant speak highly enough of the varied Multiplayer opportunities in Halo 3.

Overall, I look forward to buying it as I think a little modern drama and non-fantasy setting will add some diversity to the FPS genre.

Venom_Blood4113d ago

I always wanted to play the HEAT movie =p

Duke Nukem4113d ago

it will be a great game and hopefully the movie too

id dot entity4113d ago

This looks great. Funny to know that this game runs on the Freedom Fighters engine... It ain't GoW but it sure looks very good.