Super Puzzle Fighter Friends Leaderboards Not Working

The Bitbag: "Since the games release, We've noticed that our friends scores are not showing up on the Leaderboards online when we choose 'Friends'."

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gamesR4fun4479d ago

Just bought this fo rthe wife and we cant even get an onbline game going... just says no rooms start one and no one can see it....
Last time I buy Capcon for a while

Ps3Fanboy7774479d ago

Name a game that doesnt have some sort of issue and runs 100% completely flawless?

I just bought a 360 after over a year argueing and wow what a mistake. Great I can play music in game, everything else is pretty horrible compared to my Ps3.

Sorry but its true. Hopefully Elveon or Project offset are great. Mass Effect looks massively horrible. Wonder why they dont show gameplay?