Angry Birds Sync Feature Will Keep Your Score Across Devices

Cnet: "Rovio, the developer behind the game, has confirmed on Twitter that its sync feature will make its debut in the next couple of months. "We are working hard on that, before summer is the plan" the developer told a player who asked what the company's plans were for score synchronisation.

The new feature was first hinted at back in February, when Rovio tweeted that "we are working on a solution to get all Angry Birds devices in sync". That would mean you'd be able to start playing on your iPhone, but then switch to your iPad, Mac or even your PlayStation 3, keeping your progress and achievements across all of them."

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Errod882797d ago

I have be playing Angry Birds on PS3 and ipod touch so this good.

NoobJobz2797d ago

Good. There are some levels that I have 3 stars on that I will never be able to 3 star again, so this is a relief.

bozebo2797d ago

Utterly revolutional. Keep it up Rovio, we love you pushing the bounds of game technology day after day with long hours of hard work. /s