New DiRT 3 Video Shows Michigan Rally Stage

Playr writes: So far in our 5-part preview of DiRT 3, we've pulled stunts at Battersea, skidded on Norway's snows and roared across Kenya. Today, we're gonna try not to chip the paint on our Ford Focus as we slide around the gravel roads of Michigan

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Eliseo212743d ago (Edited 2743d ago )

dont know if it was my connection, but looks like the frame rate is kinda lame.

Marcello2743d ago

No its not your connection, it really is laggy. Looks less than 30fps to me. Already got this pre-ordered for PC so hopefully i should get a more smoother framerate.

Counting the days :P

aaaaaaaaa2743d ago

dont expect it to be unless youve got a top end pc £2000+

mcstorm2743d ago

Cant wait for this game looks really good

tails132743d ago

It's a Ford Fiesta.

The Focus isn't raced in the WRC anymore.

PandaJenkins2743d ago

While I am not saying you are wrong, I know they have put in a lot of older rally cars into Dirt 3 which are no longer used.

Daves2743d ago

You are both correct!

Ninjamonkey822743d ago

Hope they do some work on the fps before console release thats poor atm. Don't get me wrong it looks nice but that shuttering takes away from it completely. Ill be getting the pc version like i did with dirt 2 i thinks dx11 support again hopefully.

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