Anno 2070 debut trailer

Ubisoft revealed Anno 2070 just last week, today a debut trailer is now in motion and gives us a view of what the future will look like. Anno 2070 is the first in the series to take place in the future where you’ll combine real time strategy with city building simulation.

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GamerSciz2842d ago

Wow, where has this been? Graphics look great for an RTS/SIM and it seems like there are some choices and complexities. This is only a niche crowd but I think they will keep an eye on this for sure.

ATiElite2842d ago

Dam the graphics got even better since Anno 1404.
very nice improvement.

GalacticMuffin2842d ago

Isn't "anno" anus in spanish?

il-mouzer2842d ago

not at all... though it means "year" in italian

WhiteNoise2842d ago

$#!+ looks real good son.

Just make sure the game uses 4 or more cores mofos.

*looks at starcraft 2, spits, then continues to control 500+ units in supreme commander 2 with ACTUAL anti-aliasing on and still maintain a 60 frame min*

I still think RA3 looks as good or better than this though. If that game wasn't locked at 30 frames it would be my perfect RTS. 30 frames doesn't stop it from being amazing though.

It's the first c&c that really encourages unit diversity with much more complex armour mechanics than just rocket/armour/grenade/machine gun weakness mechanics.