New L.A. Noire Aerial Screenshot

LANoireDB writes - "Rockstar released a new L.A. Noire aerial screenshot via their twitter account."

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Lirky2744d ago

Reminds me of grove street san andreas Near that workout gym area next to the railroad track, near Big smokes house.

(think about it, maybe its san andreas style layout just upgraded to a 1940s-50s era themed world).

SanMarco2744d ago

Stop getting me excited! :)

HD_GAMER19892744d ago

looks like another held back multiplat if you ask me. looks the same quality as red dead redemption, mafia 2,i dont see any improvements really no genius new tech like all the hype says. im not trying to troll just saying what needs to be said and noticed. new multiplat games or upcoming titles arent improving enough unlike the improvement in ps3 exclusives examples uncharted 2 3 gow 3 gt5 infamous 2, killzone 3 , resistance 3. i know it seems crazy but im amost 100 % sure the xbox 360 is holding every multiplat back its nothing but a super dumbed down pc. whereas the ps3 is unique and campible of unique things. say im a fanboy all you like try to prove me wrong, look at ps3 exclusives and how each new ip or sequel sets some technical bar in some way. my words are just a reminder of whats happening. im a concerned gamer and tbh im not buying a ticket for this LA noire hype train heading for mediocre seenitbeforeville. after buying crysis 2 for ps3 and being greatly disappointed. i have decided no more multiplats not until the xbox 720 comes out and is able to keep up with the ps3 that is. if what i say is all lies then ps3 wouldnt have so many exclusives. and ms wouldnt be using kinect as a crutch and abandoning there hcore gamers.

Quagmire2744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )


Go to school and learn how to use proper punctuation.

BlmThug2744d ago

They Said The Face Tech Was Amazing Not The Graphics, They Are Good Though

HD_GAMER19892744d ago

fuck off. learn to admit you got no real input in this world and have to resort to being a grammar whore. im no gaming journalist .you get my point so tell me why im wrong. or is that above your intellectual snob skills. people like your are the lowest of the lows i have no respect for grammar whores. like its obvious im trying to make my point and get back to killzone 3. i dont even capitalize my is lol. do you think people as pathetic as you deserve my time to make a fucking essay . you make me sick. and i dont need to impress you if you cant read what i said then thats your problem for being an ignorant douche.