GameTrailers: Portal 2 Preview

Blast your way back into Aperture Science for an advance look at Portal 2 in the GT Preview

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SoulMisaki2747d ago

Just watching this Preview got me even more excited about the game, it looks so much fun, and with PS3/PC co-op play, and DLC on the way, I'll be playing it for a long while.

Fully paid off, just waiting for launch

distorted_reality2746d ago

Is my early tip for GOTY.

I just hope it doesn't feel too drawn out compared to the first one.

undercovrr2746d ago

Agreed, hope theres actually some story reveals rather than just more and more puzzles.

distorted_reality2746d ago

I think there has to be tbh - it's got to to tie in with HL3.

smithdown2746d ago (Edited 2746d ago )

How was the first one drawn out? It was a 3 hour puzzle game with some light story elements. I thought it was perfectly proportioned in just about every way, but if anything I wished it was longer! I recently re-bought the Orange Box just to play through Portal again, and then I bought Still Alive when it was 50% off on Live last week! I just can't get enough puzzling!

EDIT: @below - Ah yeah, sorry. My brain read 'compared to' as 'like' for some stupid reason. Must be all the beer I forced in to it last night...

We are in agreement!

distorted_reality2746d ago


Reading comprehension fail. I said compared to the first one.

I agree with you - the length of the original was perfect, which is why I hope Portal 2 doesn't feel drawn out, because it's obviously going to be a much longer game.

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Tilian2746d ago (Edited 2746d ago )

PS3/PC day 1. Love the atmosphere and humour of this series.